Where is lively lingerie headquartered?

Lively is a lingerie company that was founded in 2015 by Michelle Cordeiro Grant. The company is headquartered in New York City. Lively’s mission is to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. The company offers a range of lingerie products, including bras, panties, and sleepwear. Lively is also committed to sustainability and uses recycled materials in their products.

Lively Lingerie is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Who is Lively bras owned by?

Michelle Cordeiro Grant is an amazing woman who has accomplished a lot in her life. She is the founder and CEO of LIVELY, a community and brand that inspires women to live life passionately, purposefully. She launched LIVELY in 2016 and has since raised $15 million in funding and fostered an 85,000-member ambassador network. Michelle is an incredible role model for women everywhere and is proof that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Lively’s ambassador program has been incredibly successful in driving growth for the brand. Since launching in 2015 with just 100 ambassadors, the program has now grown to 155,000 members. The program has been especially successful in driving sales of Lively’s core product categories, like bras and panties. Lively has also been able to use the program to build brand awareness and reach new customers.

When did Lively start

Lively is a connected health company that was founded in 2005. The company’s headquarters are located in San Diego, California, and its president is David Inns. Lively offers a variety of products and services that are designed to help older adults live healthier and more active lives. These products and services include fitness trackers, fall detection devices, and medication reminders.

We’re happy to announce that Gelmart is still our supplier! They have a factory in the Philippines called We LIVELY that produces high-quality products. We’re confident in their ability to provide us with great products and excellent service.

Where is wear lively located?

WearLively is headquartered in New York, New York, United States. The company was founded in 2013 by CEO Jennifer Lavers and President Michael Lavers. WearLively is a fashion and lifestyle brand that creates stylish, affordable clothing and accessories for women of all ages.

Lively is a hearing aid and audio product manufacturer that was acquired by GN in 2021. In 2022, the company partnered with Jabra to create the Jabra Enhance online hearing business. Lively offers a broad range of hearing products and services that are designed to improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss.

Is Wacoal Made in USA?

Wacoal products are manufactured almost entirely by hand. Much of the production occurs at Wacoal Vietnam, a manufacturing location established in 1997. Wacoal has a long history of manufacturing high-quality products, and this commitment to craftsmanship is evident in their lingerie. Every Wacoal garment is made with great care and attention to detail, resulting in beautiful and long-lasting lingerie.

The Wacoal brand was established in 1949 in Japan, and has since expanded to serve women of all shapes and sizes across the globe. 30 – 44 AA – FF. Wacoal strives to provide quality lingerie that makes every woman feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in her own skin.

What carrier does Lively use

Verizon’s Lively is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and powerful 4G LTE network. With superb coverage in most areas of the country, Lively is a great option for anyone in need of a reliable and affordable cell phone service.

Shobin Uralil is the co-founder and COO of Lively, Inc., a leading provider of innovative wellness solutions. She is a passionate entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record of success in the healthcare industry. Under her leadership, Lively has become a trusted partner of major healthcare organizations across the country.

How much is Lively worth?

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Michelle Cordeiro Grant is the founder and CEO of LIVELY, a women’s intimates and activewear brand. LIVELY is focused on empowering women through style and comfort. The brand offers a range of bras, panties, swimwear, and activewear in sizes XS-4X. LIVELY is also committed to body positivity, and offers a range of styles and fits to accommodate all body types. Michelle is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur magazine, and was named one of Business Insider’s “100 People Transforming Business” in 2017.

Is LIVELY a real company

Lively is a lingerie and activewear brand that was founded in 2016 by Michelle Cordeiro Grant, a former merchandiser at Victoria’s Secret. Lively’s mission is to help women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. The brand offers a wide range of products, from bras and panties to leggings and activewear, all designed to make women feel beautiful and confident. Lively is also committed to helping women feel empowered and motivated to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Lively is a brand that makes products that are free of animal materials, except for silk. We rate its impact on animals based on environment and labour scores only. Lively is rated ‘We avoid’ overall.

How long is shipping from Lively?


For orders placed within the contiguous United States, FedEx and USPS shipments are usually delivered within 7-10 business days from when the order ships.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.


We would like to let you know that once your payment has been received, your order will be processed and shipped within 3 business days. We appreciate your business and thank you for your patience.

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Lively lingerie is headquartered in Canada.

The company’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.

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