Why dont lingerie companies sell plus size lingerie?

There are a few reasons why lingerie companies may not offer plus size lingerie options. First, lingerie is often designed to be form-fitting, and plus size clothing may not fit the same mold. Second, plus size lingerie may be more expensive to produce than regular size lingerie. Third, many lingerie companies cater to a specific body type or look, and plus size lingerie may not fit that aesthetic. Finally, some people believe that plus size lingerie is not as sexy or desirable as regular size lingerie, which could deter companies from selling it. Whatever the reasons, it is clear that plus size lingerie is an underserved market.

There are many reasons why lingerie companies don’t sell plus size lingerie. One reason is that most lingerie companies cater to a slimmer, more traditionally-defined notion of beauty. Additionally, designing and manufacturing plus size lingerie can be more expensive and challenging than making smaller sizes. Plus size women also often have difficulty finding lingerie that fits well and looks good, which can be discouraging for both consumers and manufacturers. Whatever the reasons, the lack of plus size options in the lingerie market is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed.

Why doesn t Victoria Secret use plus size models?

Victoria’s Secret is all about fantasy and escapism, and that’s something that’s really important to us. We want our customers to feel like they can come to our store and escape the everyday.

That being said, we understand that not everyone can or wants to escape their everyday lives. And that’s OK! We’re not here to judge. We just want to provide a little bit of fantasy and escape for those who need it.

We love our trans and plus-size customers, and we’re grateful for their support. We just want them to know that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is not meant to be an inclusive event. It’s a fantasy, and we want to keep it that way.

If you need help determining your bra size, our bra sizes range from 30A to 44DD. However, we are not able to offer all bra styles in all sizes. When shopping our bras, we recommend using the available Filters to narrow to your desired size.

Does Victoria Secret have 3x

The company does not sell above a size XL (16) or above a DDD bra. This is because they do not want to be associated with plus-size women.

It’s a shame that Victoria Secret still doesn’t cater to plus size women. They make only token nods to body diversity and don’t offer any help for plus size women looking for lingerie. This is a missed opportunity for them to capture a larger share of the market.

Which model refused plus-size?

We were absolutely appalled to hear about Alexa Jay and Ella Halikas’ experience at The Highlight Room in Los Angeles. Being refused entry to a nightclub because of your size is absolutely dehumanising, and no one deserves to be treated like that. We hope that The Highlight Room will take action to ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future.

When it comes to plus-size model measurements, it is important to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Plus-size models typically range in size from US 12 and up, with a chest size of 41 to 45 inches. However, it is important to note that each model will have unique measurements, so it is always best to consult with a professional before making any decisions.

What is Victoria Secret DDD equivalent to?

A G cup is on the larger end of the spectrum when it comes to bra sizes. Victoria’s Secret offers select styles in this size to accommodate women with a larger bust. If you’re shopping for a Victoria’s Secret bra in a G cup, expect to find a few select styles to choose from.

There are not as many style options for women with larger cup sizes, but there are still some great choices out there. Bras in size L, M, and N can be found in both underwire and wire-free styles, as well as front-closure, nursing, and maternity styles. With a little bit of searching, you can find the perfect bra to suit your needs.

What size is Victoria Secret XXL

The above chart is a guide to help you determine what size panty you should purchase. If you are in between sizes, it is recommended that you size up.

Starting next month, Pink will offer expanded sizes in intimates and apparel, up to XXL, in all stores. This is the first time that Pink has offered larger sizes in these categories, and is a direct response to customer demand. Pink is committed to providing the best possible experience for all customers, regardless of size, and this move is just another example of that commitment. We hope that our customers take advantage of this new offering and enjoy the same great quality and style that Pink is known for.

What age group wears Victoria Secret PINK?

Pink is a popular lingerie and apparel line from Victoria’s Secret. The line is aimed at younger women, ages 13 to 22. Pink offers a wide range of products, from lingerie to apparel to accessories. The company is known for its quality products and stylish designs.

The research indicates that Angels tend to be taller, have a smaller dress size, and wear a smaller bra size than the average woman. Angels also tend to have lighter colored hair, while the average woman has darker colored hair.

How big is considered plus-size

Plus-size clothing runs a size or two larger than regular women’s clothing. In addition, the proportions of plus-size clothing are very different from regular women’s clothing. Plus-size clothing is designed to flatter the fuller figure, and often has special features like extra darts, pleating, and roomier armholes.

Lululemon’s introduction of plus sizes is a welcome addition for those who have been overlooked in the past. The six core styles offered in plus sizes are sure to please many customers. With size 20 being the largest size offered, Lululemon is making a statement that they are committed to offering clothing for everyone.

Do luxury brands make plus-size clothing?

Many popular luxury brands produce clothing up to a US size 6, or an XXL in tops. Some brands sell certain pieces in up to a US size 16, but that is mostly limited to oversized blazers and stretch drawstring pants. This can be frustrating for plus-size shoppers who want to buy designer clothes but can’t find their size in stores. However, there are some online retailers that specialize in selling designer clothes in plus sizes. So if you’re looking for designer clothes in a larger size, don’t give up hope – there are still plenty of options out there.

Hi there,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re disappointed in our decision to discontinue our extended sizes range. We know that this may come as a disappointment to some of our customers, but we feel that this is the best decision for our brand moving forward. We appreciate your understanding.


The main reason why lingerie companies don’t sell plus size lingerie is because there is not enough demand for it. Plus size lingerie is not as popular as regular sized lingerie, so companies are not as likely to produce it. Additionally, plus size lingerie is often more expensive to produce than regular sized lingerie, so companies may be reluctant to invest in it.

One possible reason why lingerie companies do not sell plus size lingerie is that they believe that plus size women are not interested in buying lingerie. Another possibility is that the companies believe that plus size lingerie would not sell well. In either case, it is clear that there is a lack of market research on the plus size lingerie market, which is a shame given that there are many plus size women who would love to purchase lingerie that fits them properly.

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